In collaboration with Martha Gibson

Elude tells the story of stories

Imaginary worlds are scattered throughout the history of storytelling. Their tales entertain, inspire, stimulate, and evoke emotion within us.

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves,and about others. We use them to make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others.

Although sometimes far from the ‘real world’, these stories often contain very real and important themes. The stories, therefore, give us a chance to reflect on our own reality and challenge different aspects of our existence.
Elude analyses examples of popular culture through the lens of imaginative storytelling, often exposing the reality behind the fantasy.

This first issue of Elude is focused on the female presence within imaginary worlds. How they create, are created, how they appear and how they are perceived.

Each issue will have a theme to unite the featured stories. We began with the Female.
The magazine will be split into three sections. Two opposing and a third to create a balance. These are divided by colour, which are selected based on the subject of the section. In this first issue, from gendered colours, we have red for female creators, blue for male creators and purple as a product of the two.