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Identity for Matosinhos City Council, 
Matosinhos Sport & Matosinhos Habit 


Project done at esad—idea

Inês Nepomuceno, João Martino, 
João Queirós & Susana Martins

As a designer on a team, I had the responsibility of creating a fresh identity for three entities: Matosinhos City Council and its two companies:
  • Matosinhos City Council is the local authority in this municipality and its mission is to define and implement policies aimed at defending the interests and meeting the needs of the local population.
  • Matosinhos Sport is responsible for the management and maintenance of sports facilities and equipment in the municipality of Matosinhos.
  • Matosinhos Habit is the asset, social and financial management of developments and other housing owned by the municipality.

For this project we had to develop and design a new logos and a new system for the three institutions in order for them to work together.

We also had to develop the whole identity including letterheads, communication layouts, and materials for events. I also worked on applying this new identity to their physical spaces, such as installations, and was involved in designing new uniforms and vehicle branding.


Logos for the 3 Institutions


Printed Materials:

Other materials: