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-Theo Jansen


In collaboration with
Joana Wallis & Sara Steege

A book about the work of the artist and kinetic sculpor Theo Jansen. His work is especially known for large works which resemble skeletons of animals and are able to walk using the power wind these are called the “Strandbeest”.

His “Strandbeest” seem so organic that from a distance they could be mistaken for huge insects or prehistoric mammoth skeletons, but they are made of materials from the industrial age: flexible plastic tubes, adhesive tape.

With this book we want to portrait and highlight this sculptures and the mechanisms behind them.
We do it by separating the images from the text and by treatating the imagery with this “grid” pattern and giving it a feeling of something more scientific and structured.

All those who observe the beauty of one of Theo Jansen’s creatures moving around the sand understand immediately that the work of this engineer, scientist and artist is something special.