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Threads Through Time
(In 3 Acts)


In collaboration with Desislava Danova
Renders done by Franc Navarro (3D Artist)

Gold Award (graphic design category—students)
ADG—FAD Laus Awards 2021

Book Feature:
“Book Design: From the Basics to the
Most Impressive Designs in 2021”
 by Sandu Publishing

A book about the ephemerality of a moment, the memories within, and the physical manifestation of the past in the form of objects. Threads Through Time traverses
the background of the World Wars and the challenges they presented, yet always showcasing and highlighting the human-centered side of history, the strictly emotional and delicate aspect of love, passion, naivety, and belonging.

A book that takes its reader on a journey to the past, anchored to the present with a humble object passed through the generations. An object that carries in itself the essence of one’s heritage.

Threads Through Time acts as an archive of memories exposed through personal objects from wartime by exploring them from an emotional perspective.

The book examines the topic of war, emotions, and memories in a respectful, honest, and delicate manner. The use of photography, typography, and design elements echos an archival look, allowing the reader to get deeply connected with the content. The classic and subdued layouts are juxtaposed with the modern feel of a narrow, hardcover book with a subtle deboss on the front cover.

The use of washed-out imagery is contrasted with the vividness and colorfulness of the photo reports, creating a visual break for the reader.